The ARK has always been of interest to us. Today a guest contributor brought our attention to the ARK, so we did some looking around and this is what we found so far. If anyone finds anything else, send us a note so we can look into it. Thank you Elfred Lee, for this awesome and great work!

Mount Ararat Photo Album

All Photos Copyrighted by Elfred Lee

Elfred Lee has been involved in the search for Noah's Ark from 1969 to 2001. Elfred's era spans many important relationships, Fernand Navarra and the SEARCH Foundation wood which is to young to be a part of Noah's Ark, SEARCH Foundation Secretary in the early 1970s, geologist Clifford Burdick, alleged eyewitness George Hagopian interview tapes and drawings/paintings, the Ark-a-thon, alleged eyewitness Ed Davis drawings/paintings, and alleged eyewitness Ray Lubbeck drawings. Elfred is shown below on horseback at the outset of the 1969 SEARCH Foundation Expedition.